Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trip to TopSlip! :)

Weekend trip to Top Slip (near Coimbatore) with a lovely bunch of friends from BMS college..
Short trip to the Mountain top, Official Safari, a short medium difficulty trek and an impromptu drive into the jungle, visit to monkey falls and a dam nearby.. All this and more brought in loads of opportunities to explore my H50.. Got a few decent shots.. Check 'em out.. :)

The gang with the guide.. :)

Colourful Plastic!

Mountain goat scratching herself!

Garden Lizard..

Myna, Spotted owl and another unknown bird..

Silhouette of birdies I dunno names of...
My guesses are: Kingfisher, Koel and Barbettes

She falls from here...

..and ends up here... :)
Ashy Drongo..

Coohoo Coohoo bole koyaliya..

paths in the jungle..

Monkeys and Monkey falls.. :)
Thats the silhouette of a squirrel..

Some macro shots..

Nothing great about this one, I like the fact that I managed to focus what I wanted to focus :)

Mere desh ki dharathi.....
That is as white as it can get!

Bettada hoovu..

The mighty elephant poses quite unabashedly..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ChikkamagaLur and Lalbagh Pics

Went on a short trip to ChikkamagaLur and got a couple of nice shots (that's what I think atleast.. :P) as in the street pics and the sunflowers.

The rest were all shot at Lalbagh one fine morning.
Like I said in my earlier post, this was the day when I learnt Lesson 1.

More posts in the pipeline.. :)

Street Photography

These were taken on our way to ChikkamagaLur..

hoove hoove....
Liked this composition..
Kutti squirrel

Depth of Field lesson this was :P
He waited..

..till they all returned..

banigondu gari yellide? :D

Tried a lot of macro-shots.. This was the first of them!
Up, close and personal..