Tuesday, December 21, 2004

one of my faves

The following is something that I wrote quite a long time back...
There is probaby more to it than what appears at first glance..

what if you know that I care...
what if you know that I'll be right there
when you need me, even if you haven't
called out to me..
what if you know that you'll never
understand me...
what if you know that there is something
about me that haunts you..
..that keeps you curious all the time...
what if you know that I set you free..
..that i let you be..
what if you know that I know you..
what if you know that I make you
feel wanted.. and needed..
what if you know that I make you
feel loved..
... that I love you...
You wont love me back, will you?

Saturday, December 18, 2004

urs lovingly...

They say - love transfoms your life.. Guess it does..
Infact I think it does much more than that.. It transforms the lives of all people around you... For instance, your best friend for 5 years now, becomes the 'next' best friend in just a span of few months.. And he/she has to get used to being just that - the next best thing, the second priority... Infact I guess every other relation becomes less important than what it was, be it family or friends or whoever...
They say love binds people.. But on the other hand does it also take them away from everyone else who has been so important for so long?
Do we literally 'fall' in love??
Shouldnt love put us in a much better position than what we are in already?? Isnt it suppose to be one of the most positive emotions?? Is it necessary to put this relation on a pedestal and higher than all others, like most of us end up doing wantingly or not?? Is this what our age-old philosophy preaches us?? Or is it our society that indirectly demands such behavioural and attitudinal changes? Or is it just ingrained in every human psyche?? Or is it, just like every thing else that cant be explained, another way of nature??

I have my answers.....
But well, again, like they say, to each his own.......

Kick Start

blogging for the first time..
feels good.. dunno what to say really...
had a great week.. very eventful.
saw a wonderfully done play by a group of professional artistes,
went to the school annual day, met up with old friends..
went to the doc for some allergy..
watched a movie wid a friend..
wrote some million internals!!
worked on projects like mad..
n much much more..
phew!! life sure is elaborate.. :)
thas it for now..
hoping this will be fun..
c ya...