Sunday, February 03, 2008

A burnt child dreads the fire..

Have you ever felt let down by yourself? When you feel helpless about something that you have done? Thats the worst kind of feeling you can feel! You know you could have done better, but you got mislead by your own judgment, your own reasoning, your own feelings.
Sometimes, things can go so wrong that you get scared of them!

Experts say, experiences in childhood and teenage - whether good or bad, can have tremendous influence on our minds and thoughts. And some of these have such a long term impact on you that your entire being is based on them.

Being attached to people, be it friends or family, has not particularly worked for me. So, every new encounter with a stranger which I can see move gradually towards me being attached to him/her scares me.... drives me up the wall! I know past failures don't determine future events, but the fear of myself is there and it haunts me..

Thats it for now.