Thursday, September 29, 2005


Seizing her by her hand,
Looked into her doey eyes,
Warmly he met her lips with his;
A silvery smile watching them from above...

The sweetness of the twilight air,
The smiling tear-stained faces,
A bee gladly humming by
stopped a while, perplexed -
for, their hearts beat in unison...

They had lived apart a long while now,
Blown apart by the world,
The world of greed, anger and melancholy -
Well, they were destined to be together...

Bidding an adieu to them -
the people - his n hers,
Hand in hand, they went away -
Away from the races and all - to be human,
They rode away to their love.

dated: 21-08-2k

yup.. that is how I used to write 5 years ago.. :)
Can still relate to the feeling when I wrote it though..
We had Physics lab on this particular day.
And even as the lab-incharge gave us instructions to do
the experiments for the day, my mind was working on this piece.. :D
This is one poem that will remain very dear to me for more reasons than one!
Remembered it while seeing the sunsets the past
few days n today.. :)
A thing of beauty is a joy forever! ha?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


someone who calls her beautiful instead of 'hot'...
someone who calls back when she hangs up...
who stays awake to watch her sleep...
who kisses her forehead.. who wants to show her off to the world!
who holds her hand in front of his friends...
who constantly reminds her of how much he cares about her and how lucky he is to have her..
someone who turns to his friends and says - thats my angel!

well.. apparently thats what every woman dreams for in her man.. thats the kind of man she waits for.. :) or atleast that is what one of those little forwards that I recieved on my cell says..!
I guess, in a way, most women love these kinda things.. n these are things they look forward to from the guys in thier respective lives.. (these and sometimes much much more...!! ;) )
wondering what..?
Well, I just got bored and found this one thing that I recieved today a little interesting, amidst all the crap we got from various people at work!! N thought I would just share it..