Thursday, April 27, 2006


Another stint with the same borrowed camera and I found myself doing much much better..
Took a looooot of snaps..!!
And So many that I had to delete some to take the last few.. :P
Had a whale of a time! Trying some things I dint know before and experimenting with others I kinda knew.. :)

Like WOW, After a book, I think, a digi camera can be anyone's best friend!

All the followin snaps have been taken in Lalbagh..
Do let me know what U think of them.. :)

PS: dedicate this post to my friend Anirudh, who lent me his camera and more importantly cuz he is like my Guru in Photography.. :) Thanks Ani!

Also, for those of ya new to blogspot, U can click on the pics to see them much better...
thas a pond heron in breedin plummage (apparently..! ask anirudh for more details.. :) )
another one of my faves this..

lotus plant leaves.. simply love the serenity here.. looks more like an oil painting..
one of my fave pics.. this couple surely knows what keeps a relationship alive, dont they? look at the way they are together and yet spaced out..
This one is a pond heron.. N thas my first and proper, flying bird pic!! yippie!!
Cant decide whether I like the way this guy is posin or the background that adds an element of tranquility to the whole scene..

another reflection snap..

talkin to 'em clouds, we are...
white throated kingfisher.. loved the colour of this guy's feathers.. so yum! :D
Now there are 5 of 'em!

I dunno what I like about this, but I do..! :)

lovely lotus (lotuses?) ...

a water-hen sprinting around the pond...
Palm trees ( I think) in Lalbagh.. like this one a lot..! :)
3 cormorants...
jus another bunch of flowers, I know..! loved the richness of colour in this tho..

A little duck was waddling away.. looked cuter than it does here.. :)