Sunday, June 22, 2008


Have you ever noticed how the people whom you are closest to are the ones that hurt you the most? Although, I don't understand how, but it happens more often than not.
Being the person that I am, I must add the idealistic view to this post :P
OK.. look at it this way..
Why do any two people become friends? Because they enjoy each other's company or they like some attributes about each other or they are similar or opposite to each other.. and the list can go on.. Well, basically its about a comfort level with someone where you feel secure and protected to express what you feel or think, without having to be careful about what you say..
As humans, we are born greedy.. When something is going well, we expect it to be better.. and when it gets better, we want it to be the best.. On one side, this need and craving for something more and better is of course the basis of all kinds of progress at the macro level.. Stop! According to me, this is where we all screw it up with the most important people in our lives.
We expect more and more.. And most often, its like this never quenchable thirst for someone to not just relate to you but also to understand you and get better at being YOU.
Yes, like it or not, somewhere deep within, we all want someone to be very similar to us at the very basic level.. For instance, someone who plans a lot cannot be happy for long with someone who lives life as it comes. To each, it feels like the other person needs some kind of an 'improvement' (read alignment to the style that applies to you). What seems like a silly difference is not silly after all.. Its a very basic difference in character, in personality and it simply forms the basis of someone's reactions and his life, as such..
Nothing wrong.. But probably nothing very right either..
I think friendship is beyond jus matching traits..
In the whole bargain of trying to find a matching friend (read someone who likes what you like and does what you do etc), we end up losing or atleast spoiling things with the 'friend' inside the person.

Like one of my ol' pals said: 'Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of knowing that there is someone with whom you need not weigh your words or hide your thoughts'.


PS: fuzzy post this, I know.. Wrote this loooong back.. somehow cudnt complete it and post it until now! :)