Wednesday, November 22, 2006

here I am..

For more than two months, I went through word list after word list to learn a set of words everyday.. Today, nothing makes sense.. everything appears meaningless.. U can never expect anything, even if it is the smallest good deed, from people..
Everything seems mindless.. heartless.. meaningless..
I have never understood the nuances of sadism and hence, I can never find myself appreciating it.. However, cynnicism is something I can swear by.. And, I shall soon write about it and how it can be a way of life..
If you ask me, I think that it is the only thing that can work for people to whom other people matter.. :) I have believed in it, practised it and found peace in it..
Time and again, there have been people who have walked into my life and whose association has made me believe otherwise.. But, being true to myself, I know somewhere deep down, that cynnicism is just so meant for me.. It has a sense of belonging which none other way of life can even come close to..
will write more about what it means to me and how it manifests itself in day to day life..