Sunday, July 30, 2006

Now with the teleconverter...

The lens has a teleconverter making it even more wonderful to use..
The one disadvantge is that it makes it much much heavier to handle..
man, I almost fell a couple of times! :D
Some of these pics were taken at Agara, while most were taken at Lalbagh..
Take a look and let me know what you think.. :)
proly not a great snap... but I simply love the dreamy composition...
much closer! :)

the last line...
to me, this has a plain and serene effect..

like the greens in contrast...
4 is flock!

tried to better my previous lotus snap.. in vain.. :(
but well...
another pic where I like the composition.. this one reminds me of some kind of cross roads..! :)
plain tiger again.. this time in much better focus.. :)
N I prefer this composition to the one earlier..

domesticated ducks! their feet look so damn cute! :D

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


What makes people assume that I am someone meant to be compared with everyone else around me??! The fact that you see and hear 2 different ppl means they are different! To me it makes absolutely no sense to have a daily report of how much better I am than anyone else or how bad anyone else is in comparison to me!!! Keep the ratings to yourself..!! I aint no Soap Opera!!

Personal Comments...
No, I’m not refering to gentle comments about my looks/words/emotions etc... There is a line I draw... just like you..! , and I never promised you that our lines would coincide... If you can’t see that line, ask me... Ask me before you attempt to cross it!! Cuz it’s my space and me you are talkin about, and I have every right to stop you from speakin nonsense about me, especially when you choose to do it in front of me..!!
All those who can’t stop saying that I’m thin, watch where you are looking!!

Horny men and their remarks...!
Millions of things turn me off in this category..!
Married men and sometimes with kids even, but who still cant stop drooling, staring and sizing up every younger woman, no no, every woman, who is in sight..!! Yucky! I pity your wives, you despos!
Gangs of guys who take up the social cause of placing themselves at the dark corner of the street and judging every girl of the locality that passes them in their spare time of 10 hours per day... Oh how lucky they are! ‘Ooh! Check out her butt man!’, ‘she has such a great figure’... and some so so cheap, it’s inapt to even mention them here..! Get a life guys...!
Cat calls... up close encounters... trying to touch and feel arbitrary women in public places... Cheaply worded whispers right into the ears.. the list goes on... and on and on... what is it?? Some kinda cheap thrill? Or these guys think they can actually manage to seduce me in those 5 seconds where they are 1 foot away from me?? Sorry to disappoint you... But, derrogatory doesn’t really qualify as charming or mesmerzing to me!
Or maybe it’s merely a sense of prowess that they can get away with saying the sleaziest things about a woman and still wander on the streets freely??!!
Whatever that may be, it fails to justify anything...!

Anything put on... Be it an accent... an attitude... a remark... anything fake, except jewellery, mostly turns me off completely...!
For instance, I can’t understand how an Indian who has lived all his life in India and lived abroad just for a few days/months can acquire an accent that is so not Indian... I have known atleast a dozen people who have lived for decades in the US of A and none of them really have a heavy American accent...! It seems extremely phony, unnatural and trying to be ‘yo’!
A fake smile turns me off more than the absence of a smile!! A remark leaning towards buttering somoene falls into the same category...
So does hypocracy... can’t comprehend the necessity or reason behind it (if there is one) for someone to be insincere about things... I can, to quite an extent, accept diplomacy cuz that is not about faking something; it’s about revealing only the required... unlike hypocracy...

South/North Indian complexes.
It is one of those things which the modern world claims to not have...! Sorry to say, it doth still florish..!
I have heard sooo many guys from the North making fun of the south Indians and vice versa, over names, colour, habits, culture, music (?!!), language and pronunciations etc etc...
And mind you, I’m not referring to the uneducated section.. I’m talking about IIT/IIM passouts, people working in the IT industry etc...
To me all those things are far too shallow...
It is infact sometimes as bad as racial discrimination... to judge and treat someone based on superficial aspects such as colour, dressing is discrimination...

MCPs/men with fragile egos.
If you havent realised yet, men with inflated egos don’t appeal to women anymore... (I can’t understand how they ever did..! anyways!)
If you want a woman to listen to everything you say, bow down to your whims and fancies, clean your house behind you, cook for you and look pretty all the time, you should either look for a robot, a puppet or better still, a combination of the two!
FYI: I am not a feminist. People are people. Male or female hardly matters.

Namma Bengalooru!
If there is one thing that really gets on my nerves, no matter who makes it, where and when, it is some non sensical, lame comment on how Bangalore is not a great city to stay in cuz of blah blah reasons...!! if you are a ‘localite’ as you would so often be addressed as (sometimes looked down upon for being one even!!), it would probably be justifiable.. People who just decided to descend upon a city in search of job opportunties without finding out what it has in store for them otherwise have, in my opinion, absolutely no right to make any negative remarks or comparisons! I am dead sure they would not like listening to similar things about their city either!! Every city has its pros and cons. And if you have evaluated a city badly, it is solely YOUR problem..!! Even god can’t promise you that any place (on earth atleast) is prefect, my dear fella!!

Insensitive creatures.
If you don’t care enough for/about anyone around you, I would rather not know you...

Spouses/Partners who do not realise that their counterparts need some time and space with friends, especially of the same gender!!, disgust me... If your husband doesn’t like you spending time or is insecure about your spending time with a female friend even if it is once in a way, I’m sorry, but the way I look at it, you have ended up with someone way too obsessed with god-knows-what and someone way too irritatingly possessive of you!!

Note: This is my list...

Disclaimer: Author is in an absolute no nonsense mood... If something in this list bears even slightest resemblence to your behavior towards her, then maybe it’s high time you realise that it was meant for just you to read..!