Monday, November 12, 2007

Trip to Honnemaradu!

Although the trip was before I took off to Mumbai, I could not find time to upload pics that I had taken. Here they are finally, in the next few posts..

Honnemaradu is truly one of the loveliest places I have been to so far..
Lovely people too, although I hardly knew half of them.. :)
Absence of anyone too close for comfort made me feel much better than I had expected to..

To me this trip meant a lot more than just a trip..
I was mostly lost in my thoughts, reflecting upon umpteen things, recalling things that I had to do, planning ahead, remembering good old days etc..
.. for, I knew back then that my stint with Mumbai had a very good chance of making me a different person.

Well, here I am after 5 months at SP and I find myself quite different already! :P

Browse through the pics and tell me what you think..

PS: This post is dedicated to me! :)
(taking a bow..)

the essence of the place is captured in this one pic, for me..!

and the essence of what the place and the trip meant to me is captured in the following two! :)

love this composition!! makes me feel lost everytime I see this pic... :)
maybe more to do with the place than the pic!

baninalli yeke heege theladu thiruve, O modave?

the boat with the tree gives a very resort look to the pic.. :)

tried getting reflections of trees which were at a distance.. they look disconnected from the actual objects, but I like the composition nevertheless.. :P

attempt at capturing some more of those distant trees...

one more attempt..! :) liked this composition better tho..

tried gettting a lazy and dreamy look in this one..

one of my fave snaps this!
love the fact that the object has merged seamlessly into the reflection itself.. or so it seems! :)
like the variety of sunk trees I was able to get into the frame... chotu.. motu.. tall.. they are all there! :)

does'nt this one remind you of an incomplete bench? its as if the top of the bench was blown apart!

in a different perspective, these two look like 2 lil stools waiting for someone to perch on them! :D

thought I would get all the 'wild' barks in one...

I know I can crop this one more to highlight just the tree... but well, wanted some water too.. to get the effect of a lone tree.

love this one cuz I think I have been able to do justice both to the object and to the reflection.. :)