Monday, August 13, 2007


The closer anything is to perfection,
the more criticism it is likely to get..?
The closer anyone is to being what you want to be,
the more you want to compete with him/her..?

well, maybe not...

PS: if u see the last few posts, they have all pretty much been of the same shade.. tons of more interesting ideas flowing in my head.. hope to write soon!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Have you ever wondered what perceptions are all about?
Is it about the one who is perceiving? Or is it about the one who is being percieved?
Recently I realised that perceptions are about what you want to see, not necessarily what really is. Then again, who decides what really is, is real? :)
Like there was this friend of mine from class who thought I am never quiet and never reflect.. :D
Can that be farther from reality, now? People who know me can sure vouch for it being exactly the opposite.. especially the latter part.. :P
But well, the point being that's what he thought..

There was this other exercise where each one was asked to identify some qualities in a person which stood out.. And guess what, people actually thought this aimless and goalless person is ambitious!!!! :D
Oh man! cudnt help laughing... really... :))

Perceptions are what I called it, now... :)