Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I look at the calendar and it says October 1, 2008.
Thoughts run through my head from all corners of my life…
15 days into internship already… As an MBA, one of the things that you look forward to is your two month stint with the corporate world.. for many reasons.. one, you are away from the B School life.. like wow! Dint you just need a break? Two, you earn some money, finally!! Three, you expect to have a more relaxed life than you have had in the recent past.. finally, lucky few get to stay at home with family and friends..
For me, all the above have been true… I’m just too glad to be home, apart from the fact that I’m not getting to sleep as many hours as I had calculated when I left Mumbai.. Being an intern at Wipro at the Corporate office has been fun so far.. I have a wonderful team and the office is close to home which means riding up on my Kine (have been missing that for a while now!) and of course, good home food.. :) Thank god for small mercies!
The ‘2008’ in the date reminds me that its been a while since I turned 20 and I’m yet to ‘settle down’ like some of my close friends and mom would call it. I feel like saying – “Oh! Please..! Gimme a break!” I don’t know how, why, when, where.. but I feel I’m quite far from getting married if that’s what people are trying hard to push down on me.. For me, marriage is not about ‘settling down’! Its not about getting hooked to someone cuz you are 25.. Its not just about making your parents and grandparents happy cuz they think it’s the ultimate thing in someone’s life! Say no more! I’m tired of all this gyan that people have been showering (read throwing..) on me for God knows how long… For one, I hate the words ‘settle down’.. its unsettling to even hear someone say that! For another, I have had an overdose of these kinda discussions…!
Yet, I patiently tell them all, just this simple thing – when I find someone who I think will be the right partner for me, I’ll get married.. and that I’m yet to be in such a position where I know I wanna be married soon.. There is another thought one of my best buddies has - Seeing someone is not license enough to just get married.. He/she may be the one, but that’s not enough to think of marriage.. There are so many things to do before you think of about it.. We all want a companion, friend, confidante, partner with whom we can share everything, who loves and cares about us like none other, but as a ‘commitment-freak’ generation, we don’t want to think of anything beyond this comfort zone.. Reasons are many.. One could be that it’s too early.. I think I would feel too old if I thought of getting married! Two, many of us don’t believe marriage is essential for a wonderful relationship.. why do you need to get married? You don’t need to prove anything to anyone? Live-in relationships are a better option.. Three, this is perfect, but maybe there is something better out there? Four, I have a lot of company in the unmarried section of the society, who wants to be isolated? So on and so forth…
Hm.. ‘October 1’ reminds me that morrow is Gandhi Jayanti.. which brings memories of last year’s celebrations at SP where we had cultural programmes, video contests et all.. Reminds me of the exhibition of paintings at Juhu by Mr. Ashok Mody (Prof. Pallavi Mody’s husband). Missing all my friends – Rajat, Jaggi, Nishant, Shubham et all who went to the exhibition with me.
Oh ya, that also means morrow is a holiday! No work! Considering am super bored, sleepy and don’t feel like working, I am looking forward to morrow! Yippie!! :) Getting to meet friends also which makes it even more yum! :P
Dussera time too! So dolls decorated and arranged at home, meeting loved ones, loads of sweets and home food! Yo! :) :)
I don’t know if it’s the fact that we are about to break for lunch or that I don’t feel like writing any more about all that is haunting my thoughts or that I’m too lazy, but this post will have to end right here..

PS: my first post from Wipro.. :P hee!