Wednesday, April 11, 2007

lighter side...

heard of the 'two and together' paradigm?

one of those 'I know I got the focus right' pics! :)

maybe we have come too far in urbanizing the land..?

here I am..!

swamp hen.. got her finally! :)

walkin off....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

thats some butterfly! took so long to capture her, poised!

kambLi huLLa... jummm..!!

swayin away we are...

flying heron!! yippie... smth that came in between and spoilt my pic.. like this one, nevertheless.. :)

some kinda fly.. :P

some kinda flight... :P :P

egret trotting by the side of the Agara lake.. :)

ducks go quack wack quack!

wading away to my shore...


our little conference..

so nicely perched that I took atleast 20 pics of this one!

first time that I am posting someone else's pic..
My friend, Anirudh, took this..
liked it and dint feel like deleting it.. so, here it is.. :)

baneful bliss

you made me come alive, baby
and made me lose all my faith...

you made me feel like am more beautiful than I ever thought I was
and made me hate my own reflection..

you told me I was perfect
and found countless flaws in me...

you made me smile, like never before
and left me with tears..

you knew me..
yet you misunderstood...

you made me feel the bliss of being loved
yet never loved me...

fooled? bewildered? betrayed?
disillusioned? neglected?

maybe a million kinds of love..
need the kind that only U can give me..
Or so I believed..

April 1st, 2007 :)