Saturday, March 15, 2008

Inspired by the OPA framework..

O - Objectives P - Principles A - Attributes
' A framework that can be used in any domain..', said Dr. James D Arthur during one of the Virginia Tech contact sessions on 'Software Design and Quality', here at SP. Words enough to switch me into another 'gear' and get my thoughts headed in a parallel direction.
Well.. here I am.. now..

Everyone of us has a purpose, so to say, 'an objective' which we hope to achieve by the end of our lives. Infact, to some, it may be 'a set of objectives.' To achieve these objectives, we formulate some methods or ways of living our lives. These methods or processes are governed by some principles that we lay down for ourselves. Also, we are blessed with attributes such as resilience, strength, character, dynamism, boldness, helpfulness etc... (any adjective that can describe a human being, really! :) )

If you think about it, how happy or how successful we feel at any point in time, depends on how we go through life, within this framework. Whether or not we feel, we have achieved or in the process of achieving our objectives, within the boundaries of what our principles allow us to do, feel or think AND using the potential hidden in our attributes, indeed determines how happy and satisfied we feel with our lives.

On a lighter note, for instance, say Betty's objective is to marry someone really really rich! :D
And say her principles are honesty, sticking to ethics, straight forward behaviour, kindness etc. Betty would do whatever she can to get him, keeping in mind that she should be honest, true in the way she portrays herself, should not do anything illegal, should not harm anyone in the process or whatever else.. :)
And the attributes that might help her achieve her objective could be: intelligence, smartness, beauty and sex appeal, networking skills, communication skills etc etc :D

Yes, there are always constraints thrown in and external factors do sometimes control our lives more than we can. But, the point is those are common to the whole world. Arent they? Right now, I feel like being more of an extreme optimist than a realist, I believe thinking in this framework makes me happy.
So, we all work under constraints and in the OPA framework, unknowingly or not...

This post is dedicated to Arthur Sir for the wonderfully enriching sessions and his truly warm demeanor. Thank you, Sir.. :)