Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flash news!

Yippie! :D
He he! okie.. I know this is long due and I have been wanting to say it and here it is finally....
I'm the proud owner of a Sony H50... :) :) :) Finally!!

Been clicking pics by the drop of a hat, experimenting with different stuff, traveling a bit to exploit my camera and needless to say, learning Photography in my own way and at my own pace..
Although, I must say that Lesson 1 on Aperture setting from dear ol' photography tutor (Anirudh) did help, rest has been upto my imagination.. Technically, I still dont understand the cam as much as I should do.. Heck, its just been a month or so and I'm too excited to even make time to read up on finer details.. :D And, I have already filled the 2 GB memory stick with pics, thrice! :P

OK, OK.. Before you get any curious-er or rather if you're still reading this patiently instead of taking a peek at the pics that follow, this post and the ones after this will give you a short glimpse of my first stint with my camera... :) Enjoy maadi!

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